What flowers to give a girl

how to choose the best bouquet as a gift for a woman

The selection of a particular composition is associated with the risk of not pleasing the hostess of the received surprise. Therefore, before you make a purchase, try to find out about the preferences of the person to whom you are giving. You can also be prompted by a professional florist who will offer you the best option based on your age, interests and zodiac sign. We will tell you which flowers are the best for a gift to a woman or a girl


Which ones to choose

This difficult question sooner or later becomes before every man. It is good if you have touched on this topic or have common acquaintances who can enlighten you about the tastes of the chosen one. In any case, the surprise should be original, beautiful and filled with hidden meaning. You can focus on one of these points. In our time, it is difficult to surprise, but by showing imagination, you can decide what flowers to buy a girl, so that she, and, consequently, you are satisfied.

What flowers you can give a girl: the most common

Each bouquet and element in it has its own meaning. Different countries have developed their own biases about the information contained in the composition. In China, for example, it is simply not accepted to give live and cut buds, as for them it is a symbol of death. Consider the most popular options for our country


These flowers, which are often given to girls, look spectacular, are associated with spring, warm weather and, of course, with the favorite holiday of all women-March 8. A bouquet of tulips is perfect for a first date, and as a sign of attention when meeting. It is important to know that the minimum number of the composition is "five". It is important to remember that this flower grows in water, and after two days it increases by several centimeters. Therefore, it is necessary to prune the stems in a timely manner


Since the times of Ancient Rome and Greece, this inflorescence has been popular. Even then, varieties were bred that were very different from wild rose hips. On the shields of noble families, a bud was depicted as a symbol of masculinity and aristocracy. At all times, rose and love have been inextricably linked. And now no celebration is complete without a bouquet of these beautiful flowers. Often unnecessary interpretations arise around the shades. The yellow hue in Russia brings separation. Red-is associated with passionate love and passion


Lilies are the perfect choice of flowers for a good woman

Give them with extreme care. Although the flower symbolizes purity and purity, it has another subtext. Red can scare away your chosen one, as she will consider it a sign of pride and contempt.



They got their name from the famous doctor Hippocrates in honor of the ancient Greek goddess Iris. She went down to the people on the rainbow, and on her way such plants grew. In the language of flowers, iris means good news, nobility and greatness. As a rule, they are considered male, but if you put one white twig at the head of the child, then according to beliefs, his soul will remain bright and unblemished. Yellow inflorescences can be presented as a gift to the woman you want to express your admiration


Magnificent gerberas

In appearance, they resemble a large chamomile, but their color scheme is different: pink, red, burgundy, yellow, orange. With proper care, they can stand in a vase for up to two weeks. Slim and elegant, they are quite suitable for lovely ladies of any age and for different occasions. If you want to declare your love, then feel free to give red compositions.


How to present a bouquet in an original way

It all depends on the time. If you visit a restaurant right after the meeting, then give it to me right away. Your composition will not wither if you put them in a vase.

During a long walk, the best way to surprise your loved one is to leave for a few minutes at the end of the meeting in the flower department and present a surprise prepared in advance.